Open Access

Hello my name is Karl Wiggins and I am the former pastor at Fort Caroline United Methodist Church in Jacksonville. I am passionate about mental health care access in our city because every day, I see the effects of people not having the treatment they need to get through the day. Findings: Florida is ranked 49 of […]

Civil Citations

Rev. Georgia Gaston (pictured on the homepage) is the former Pastor of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. She has personally seen family members, congregants and friends go through the revolving door of the criminal justice system. She knows that the system is broken at the state level and wants to build power throughout Florida to […]

Restorative Justice

Rev. Tan Moss is  a part of ICARE because he believes in the power of people. He believes that we can make changes in our criminal justice system to prevent young people from going into it and becoming repeat youth offenders. Rev. Moss wants to see young people who make a mistake get the help […]

Ex-Offender Re-Entry

Katherine Robinson is a member of the new Ex-Offender Re-entry committee because she has friends and family members that have been incarcerated. She has seen their difficulty in getting a job and housing and she worries about them getting in trouble again. “I believe that our city can be a place where no one who […]

Wealth Building

Rev. Kent Dorsey, Former Co-President of ICARE has felt called to do justice all of his adult life. Thirty years ago he worked with his denomination on national legislation to protect the poor’s access to food and to support small family farmers who were dropping like flies – often times by taking their own lives […]

Homeless Day Center

God has called upon us to care for the least, the last and the lost. It is my desire that the welfare of the homeless population be included in all that makes Jacksonville a great city. To have the citizens and officials provide resources that will bring transformation and renewal to their lives is my […]