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Events Calendar

ICARE Local Research to Action Training

November 15, 2016
For those that could not attend the more extensive DART research to action training, they can come together on November 15th for a local training. We expect 100 people to be in attendance. This event is for anyone that wants to join our current committees. 1. Day Research Center for the Homeless 2. Civil Citation and Restorative Justice 3. Wealth Building in Northwest Jacksonville 4. Jacksonville Reentry Center more info

DART Research to Action Training

November 3, 2016
Team Leaders and Clergy from the ICARE organization will go to Orlando to hone their research, strategy and negotiating skills so we can win our campaigns to get a day center open, increase civil citations and household wealth in Northwest Jacksonville. more info

ICARE Community Problems Assembly

October 25, 2016
Over 500 ICARE leaders will come together to decide the priorities of the organization for 2017. more info

ICARE Team Assembly

October 11, 2016
ICARE Leaders and Clergy will come back together to report on the findings from their house meetings. more info